How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost?


If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram page (@thriftylondoner) for a while, you will probably know that a big goal of mine is to own a property. My partner and I have gone back and forth about what, where and how to buy for a long time.

Our most recent plan was to buy a house below market value, renovate it, and then sell it on for a profit. We were almost sure that this was the best route for us to take, and even started viewing properties on the market.

That was until we realised how much bathrooms could cost! It stopped us in our tracks. The cost  was a lot more than we had bargained for, and we discovered that almost every older house we looked at on Rightmove needed a new bathroom. Since neither of us are handy with a toolbox, the renovation route wasn’t going to be worth the effort for somewhere that we were going to sell on.

So, how much does a new bathroom cost?

According to Check a Trade, on average, a new bathroom costs between £3,650 and £4,850.

When my partner and I were researching the cost of a bathroom, we found it hard to find an article that explained how much we were likely to have to spend to buy a new bathroom, and get it fitted. So that’s why I’m writing this post!

When considering the cost of a new bathroom, you’ll want to consider the following things- remember, it is possible to renovate your home on a budget!

Where to find good tradesmen?

The best tradesmen will come recommended by friends and family. If someone you know has sung from the rooftops about the service they have received from a tradesman- ask them for the details. Personal recommendation is always the best recommendation.

Depending on the level of renovation required you could be in need of a bathroom fitter, decorator, builder, tiler and plasterer. If you want a relatively basic renovation, you might only need one or two tradesmen, but you might need up to five tradesmen if you are completely stripping out a bathroom and starting afresh.

If no one comes recommended to you by friends and family, look online to find reviews. You could use online tools like check a trade which is a free online directory, a middle man where you can read reviews of legitimate tradesmen.

Be sure to get at least 3 different quotes for the work that you want done to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Make sure that each quote goes into a significant level of detail- for example, what quality products will they be using?

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A quick glance at Check a Trade shows that you could expect to pay similar rates to the below estimates:

Ripping out the old bathroom – £250

Electrical work – £300

Wall tiling – £850 – £950

Vinyl flooring – £250 – £950

Plumbing – £700 – £900

Suite – £1000

Removal of old suite and waste – £300 – £500

Consider disposing of your old bathroom suite yourself to save some cost, or even see if you could sell it on to raise a little extra cash towards your renovation project.

If you change your mind in the middle of a renovation, it is likely that you will incur excess costs for this on top of the above charges mentioned. Stick to your plan if you want to stick to the budget that you have in mind.

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How long does it take to renovate a bathroom?

The rate at which your new bathroom might be completed obviously has a lot to do with the size of it, and the extent of the work you are having done.

Bathrooms usually take around 2-3 weeks to complete, but could take up to 6 weeks if there is a more extensive renovation.

The main thing to consider here is that once one tradesman finishes his or her job, you could be waiting a week or more for the next tradesman to have availability. This can significantly slow the progress on a new bathroom project. However, if you start with employing the right people for the job, this should be minimised.

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Where to find good value bathroom suites?

Bathroom suites can vary wildly in price. You’ve probably got a picture in your mind of how you would like your bathroom to look. Don’t settle for a suite that you don’t love just because the price is good- keep looking- you’ll have to look at that bathroom suite every day for years. It is possible to find good value bathroom suites online.

Victoria Plum

Victoria Plum specialise in gorgeous bathroom suites at brilliant prices- if you’re after luxury on a budget, this is the website to visit.

I love this 3 piece suite with roll top bath– at £659 it’s a really great find. Victoria Plum even offers £20 off your first order of £349 or more, which would make this luxury suite just £639 with the discount.

And for a little downstairs loo renovation, this classic two piece toilet and sink package at £149 is a steal.


B&Q also has a large range of brilliant value bath suites and accessories. With toilet roll holders from £8, towel rails from £7, and bathroom mirrors from £9, you can’t go far wrong!

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Where to find cheap tiles?

Just like bathroom suites, tiles can be very expensive, or very cheap. Find a good middle ground that suits your vision for the bathroom and your budget.

For wall tiling, subway tiles are a brilliant low cost way to renovate your bathroom and give it some modern flair. Cheap subway tiles are now pretty easy to come by, due to their popularity and simple shape and colour.

B&Q has this great value pack of 48 white gloss subway tiles for just £11.52.

And for a modern floor tile update, these beautiful patterned tiles from Victoria Plum are just £27.99 for a box of 13.

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Top tips to consider for your bathroom renovation

  • What is your budget? Before you start any work on the renovation, calculate everything and stick to your budget throughout the project.
  • How quickly do you want your renovation finished? Consider doing some serious organising to ensure that once one tradesman is done, another can get started. By being as organised as possible, the renovation will be completed quicker.
  • Is there anything that you could reuse from the previous bathroom, or anything that you could sell? You’d be surprised what people will buy on eBay! Any money saved or made on the project will always be a bonus.
  • Are you happy with the layout? Moving the layout and the wastage pipes can add considerable cost to a renovation, so do consider this before work gets underway

Happy renovating!

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