How to Support Someone Who Has Fallen Victim to Investing Negligence

Knowing someone who has fallen victim to negligence of any sort can be a challenging position to be in, regardless of whether the victim is a close friend, family member or acquaintance. When faced with this situation, it’s always tricky knowing what the correct response should be and what steps you can take to make your loved one feel supported during this difficult time.

Whether they’ve fallen victim to gross negligence, contributory negligence, comparative negligence, or vicarious negligence at the hands of negligent solicitors or brokers, you and your loved one may feel helpless and like nothing you can do will resolve the situation. It might not feel like it, but there are various ways that you can help someone who has fallen victim to investing negligence.

Here we list several ways to support a friend or family member that has lost money due to negligence – some of which are monetary, others not. Keep reading on to discover more.

Help Them Look For Good Professional Negligence Claims Solicitors

For those who have fallen victim to negligence and lost money, it can be an extremely challenging time full of mixed emotions. They may feel reluctant to seek out professional advice as they might be too embarrassed to admit that they’ve been exploited or feel dubious about putting their trust in another solicitor to rectify the situation in case it happens again.

Understandably, your loved one may have mixed feelings about engaging in such practices, but it’s essential that you gently encourage them to do so to get the compensation that they deserve. Ensure that you sit down with them and conduct thorough research about suing a solicitor for negligence and local law firms that could assist.

You could ask friends or family members for recommendations, conduct Google searches, and read reviews about local law firms to find the best professional negligence lawyer to assist with the case. Firms such as Hugh James legal services are the best option for those that have fallen victim and lost money because of investing negligence. Consider contacting a team member for more information about negligence claims against solicitors and how their services could be of help.

Reassure Them That You Will Help In Any Way Possible

A simple way to support those who have lost money due to investing negligence is by reassuring them that you are here to help and do so in any way possible. A good friend will stick by a loved one’s side no matter the circumstances and will always find a way to help in one form or another so that they don’t have to suffer.

Suppose that the ordeal has left them considerably out of pocket. In this case, you could offer to help financially until their claim has been approved or give them a small loan that they can repay once they’ve found their feet again. The help you offer doesn’t even have to involve money; you could show support for your loved ones by calling them regularly, checking up on their mental wellbeing, bringing around food for them etc.

Remind Yourself That Patience Is A Virtue

It’s common when someone has gone through a traumatic or emotional experience that they might be experiencing a lot of pent-up emotions. You may find that they go from one extreme to the next such as getting angry quickly or breaking down into tears when trying to discuss the event, which is normal behaviour for someone going through this situation.

Throughout this, you’ll have to remind yourself to be patient with your loved ones, as getting frustrated with them isn’t going to improve matters and could drive a wedge between you. Instead, when supporting someone who has been a victim of negligence, you must offer as much support as possible and reserve any judgement.

Doing so will make your loved ones feel valued, and you’ll find that they recover from the incident much quicker with the more help you offer them. However, ensure that you coax them into seeing a health professional if you don’t see signs of recovery after a couple of months. Doing so will better their chances of recovery and hopefully prevent future incidents.

Ensure That You Listen To Them

If you ever find yourself in a position where you must support someone who has lost money due to negligence, one of the most helpful things you can do for them is to listen. The chances are that they’ll have a lot to get off their chest, and sometimes the best person to listen to is a close friend or relative.

Ensure that you listen with as few interruptions as possible and without judgment, even if you’ve repeatedly listened to the same thing. You never know how affected someone might be after being a victim of investing negligence. They might have difficulty trusting professionals again if the same incident happens, or they might have neglected their social life while navigating their claim, so they need someone who can listen and be there for them emotionally.


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