House Share In London – What It’s Like As A Couple

House sharing with strangers can be hard to get used to at the best of times, especially if you’ve previously been used to having your own space. This is tricky because in London, and many other cities in the UK, living in your own place is out of reach for a lot of people due to the high cost. The challenge of living with others is escalated if you are living in a house share in London as a couple.

Many house shares in London don’t have a lounge, so sometimes this means that you and your partner are living in one room for the majority of your time spent at home. Sharing a very small space with another person definitely comes with its difficulties, but that said, I personally believe that a house share in London is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy budget, and even save some money whilst living in the capital.

Sometimes, the monetary benefits of house sharing as a couple outweigh the negatives, if you want to find out some top survival tips to get through a house share in London, read on…

Have regular date nights

Having regular date nights can be tough if you are trying to save money, but even going for a drink at your local is a change of scenery from being perched on the edge of your bed attempting to eat tacos without making a mess. If you’re living in London, check out my Free Things to do in London guides for some date night inspiration.



Cook together

When you are house sharing, you may spend a lot of time cooped up in your bedroom. But if you have a small shared space in the kitchen- why not try doing some cooking? Cooking together can be fun, and it means that you feel like you are both making a contribution to household chores. It’s a great way to catch up on each other’s days, and it means that you are actually spending some time in another area of the house.

Mini breaks


Again, mini-breaks are not always possible if you are trying to save money, but taking regular weekend breaks away from London to get away from the hustle and bustle can be a way to rejuvenate yourself and come back to the city with a fresh perspective.

One way to do mini breaks on a lower budget is taking the time to visit family and friends who are based elsewhere in the country. It’s so important to take time away so that you can come back to the city refreshed and well rested.


Pinpoint shared financial goals

Whether the reason you are in a house share in London is out of necessity, or you are doing it to save money, make sure you sit down together and discuss what your financial goals are. If you are saving for a deposit on a house, for holidays, or simply to have more disposable income, sharing your financial goals will make the hard days worth it when you see your savings add up.

Give each other space

House sharing as a couple means that personal breathing space can be hard to come by, so it’s important to do what you can to make this happen. Whether it’s going to the gym after work, going to a friend’s house for dinner, or simply going for a bath while they watch their favourite TV programme (which you hate and refuse to watch), most of us need a little “me” time.

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