10 Top Best London Blogs To Follow

Before I moved to London, and before I visit any city, I love to check out the most prolific content creators so that I know exactly where to go, what to do, and what to see. (It also helps if there are a few money saving tips thrown in too!). After all, no one wants to return home having missed out on something special. That’s why I’m sharing my top 10 best London blogs to follow!

This list is a selection of the bloggers I’ve followed for years, and a couple of newcomers too. If you’re new to a city, no one knows the insider knowledge better than a blogger or Instagrammer- and that’s certainly true of London.

1. The Londoner

Rosie is the author and founder of The Londoner website and Instagram page. She’s an extremely popular London-based content creator, and you can see why! She knows all the hot places to go, is a great storyteller, and has the best eye for detail and an excellent photograph.

Head over to her blog to find the little pockets of luxury in London, with gorgeous food and shopping recommendations.

Another lovely part of following Rosie? She travels A LOT, so you can also get lots of inspiration for trips from London to Europe and beyond. Her blog has been live for more than 10 years, so there’s a ton of content to sink your teeth into.

2. London Eater

Fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? You have to follow London Eater so get the inside scoop on everything to do with dining in London.

Think restaurant reviews, and ideas for fine dining in the city. Kang is the founder of the site, and they’ve been doing this for more than 15 years!

It’s a goldmine of information, and the site is largely organised by Kang’s favourite spots. Check it out for in-depth reviews of all manner of eateries and restaurants. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to find out about any new restaurant reviews as soon as they go live.

And if you prefer a visual, head to Kang’s Instagram page where they share beautiful photos of their meals. Check out this beauty below!

3. Thrifty Londoner

Ok so we are a little biased over here, but we couldn’t create a list of best London blogs and bloggers without giving ourselves, Thrifty Londoner, a mention. We’ve got all the hot tips when it comes to saving some money in the city. Whether you’re a fully fledged Londoner, just visiting, or looking to move to the Big Smoke.

From free things to do in London, to how to save money in London, and the best London hacks, we’ve got you covered with all things money saving (in one of the most expensive cities in the world!).

We could all do with a bit of a helping hand in making our money go further, and for more money-related content, head over to our Instagram page.

4. Home Girl London

Home Girl London is a London lifestyle blog, dedicated to making you feel more at home in London. Perfect if you’re a London newcomer and you’re trying to find your feet in the big city.

As you might expect from a lifestyle blog, there’s information on shopping in London, travel, hints and tips, and a ton of ideas for things to do in London.

Head to Home Girl London for lots of original photographs, delicious food recommendations, and essentially your best friend’s guide to life in London.

5. Saving In London City

Saving In London City was created by the lovely Taryn. If you’re looking to save money in London, this is where it’s at. From deals and discounts, to top tips for saving on the everyday while living in the city, you need to check out her site.

She’s a girl after my own heart, who’s focused on helping you make the most out of your money in London- whether you’re living in the city or just visiting as a tourist. There’s plenty of money tips for all!

6. A Lady In London

A Lady In London is written by a Californian expat who is also a top UK travel blogger. Not only will you find a whole host of information about London on her site, but you’ll also find tons of inspiring travel content about the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world!

Being an expat, A Lady In London has lots of advice for those wishing to move to London from abroad. Think information on Visas, and adjusting to life in London as an American. She’s a must read for anyone moving to London, and even has packing lists and travel checklists!

7. London New Girl

London New Girl isn’t just a blog, it’s a whole community for women who have moved, or are planning to move to London. Kamila founded London New Girl over 10 years ago back in 2012 when she moved to the city herself from Melbourne.

The blog itself has a wealth of London based content. There is an abundance of ideas on how to feel less lonely in London, build support networks in London, and generally how to make the most of life in London as a newbie.

You can find London New Girl on Instagram, but the real gem is the Facebook Group. Here is where you can find thousands of likeminded women who have moved to London. It’s a must-visit for any London newcomers.

8. Poppy Loves

Poppy Loves is another London-based lifestyle blog. Eva is the founder of Poppy Loves, and has been blogging for over 10 years, since 2010! She’s a Londoner through and through, and knows the city extremely well.

I love her real-life examples of renovating her home in London, day trips from London, and relatable London-based content for Londoners.

On the website you’ll find lots of content around style, interiors, travel, and food. So if that sounds up your street, be sure to check out both the website and Instagram page.

9. The Londonist

A true heavyweight, The Londonist is an extremely popular website that’s, you guessed it, all about London. The site is kept constantly updated, and has lots of information about brand new things to see and do in London. For example, every month there will be several posts about what’s on in London.

The Londonist is also a great place to keep up to date of new launches in London, new events and installations. It’s a great idea to subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on Instagram, or check the site regularly to stay up to date.

It’s without a doubt one of the best London blogs, and it’s perfect for staying on top of all the fun and exciting new things that are happening in the city at any given moment.

10. London X London

I couldn’t have a list of the best London blogs without mentioning London X London. This fun London-based blog is an ‘insiders guide on things to do in London.’

It’s the place to go to find out about the quirky, cool, and unusual things to do in the city. A website to get some great ideas to wow your friends with.

There’s recommendations for almost every area of London that you could think of, along with exquisite food and drink reviews, art and gallery suggestions, and much more.

Top tips for London inspiration

Sign up to newsletters

Do you feel like you’re always the last to know about somewhere cool? Perhaps tickets have always sold out by the time you get round to buying them?

Or perhaps you’ve come back from a holiday before and then realised you missed out on a seriously cool event or location?

I’ve totally been there!

One of the best things to do is to sign up to the newsletters of London-based creators, as you’ll often find they announce new and exciting things to their subscribers before they publish anything on their website or blog.

Turn on notifications

Similarly to my point above, be sure to turn on notifications. Whether that’s notifications on your favourite influencer, blogger or content creator, OR notifications for tickets for events.

Be proactive if you feel like you often miss out on ticketed events- turning on notifications can help you to avoid disappointment.

Join communities and groups

If you’re reading this post because you want inspiration on things to do in London, or how to build more of a community in London, you’re in the right place!

To find your tribe, I’d recommend joining communities and groups of likeminded people. Whether that’s a sports club or fitness class, or something more closely related to your hobby. A site like Meetup has lots of options for every interest.

Save it for later

If you come across something interesting on a blog or on Instagram, be sure to save it for future reference. Whether that’s building a London based bookmarks folder on your computer, or building a saved ‘London’ file on your Instagram.

Make it easy to find information again when you need it- because who knows when you’ll need to find a quirky gallery, the best place for a bagel, or a cool cake shop!?

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