How To Get Cheap House Plants In London

If you’re a millennial Londoner yourself, you’ve probably got your sights set on some new house plants- from hanging plants to succulents, we just can’t seem to get enough of them. According to The Independent, our obsession stems from not being able to afford kids or not being able to keep pets in our rented accommodation.

Yes, my friends do name their plants (Carmen Electra the cactus, RIP) but I don’t think on any level we are trying to substitute the joy of raising children with some leafy friends. Personally, I think Instagram and Pinterest have set the trend, and we just want to create some calm sanctuaries of green in our bland rental properties.

For me, I think my love of plants must be hereditary, my dad told me a few weeks ago that he actually owned a cheese plant back in the 80s, so who’s the trend setter now?! Here I have put together a breakdown of how to get cheap houseplants, because let’s face it- we are all looking for ways to live in London for less. 

How To Get Cheap Houseplants


Where Can I Find Cheap House Plants?


You can now get plants delivered directly to your door- who knew!

If you love a subscription service, you’ll love Bloombox Club where you can get a plant delivered to your door (with a ceramic pot!) each month. They also come with a care leaflet- there’s nothing more costly than houseplants which keep dying! Get 10% off the first two subscription boxes with the Bloombox Club discount code HOME10

Another leading website is, which was recommended to me by a colleague. They have a very affordable online offering and home delivery for just £4.99. Their house plants start from £4.49, and if you sign up to their membership club you can even get 20% off your first order with them. I have to say, it takes extreme willpower not to purchase something from their site. The plants are all so beautiful!

You can now also buy cheap house plants from Amazon, some of which are even eligible for Amazon’s free UK delivery. Amazon is also the perfect place to get any accessories that you might need.

You can buy pots, soil and even special glow lights to help keep indoor plants at their happiest. If you’re looking for any hanging plants planters, you can also find these on Amazon along with ceiling hooks and hanging shelves.

Etsy is also great for handmade macramé plant hangers, and if you purchase from here you’ll usually be supporting a small craft business owner.


IKEA are well known for their wide range of fake plants and flowers, some of which are very realistic. They are a great idea if, like me, you have a tendency to forget to water your plants. But did you know they also have a great range of real plants too?

Cacti and succulents are fairly low maintenance, so they are perfect choices for your first plant. Luckily, at IKEA they are also super affordable at £2 for a small succulent. IKEA also have a big range of pretty pots and stands at great prices, which are essential for indoor plants and hanging plants.

Where Can I Get Cheap House Plants In London?


If you’re looking to find cheap house plants and you’re living in London, a visit to Columbia Road Flower Market is an absolute must. Not only is it free (check out my guides for free things to do in London for more ideas) to visit but is the best kept secret of how to get cheap indoor plants in London.

Even if you don’t end up picking your new indoor plant from here, a visit to this Insta-worthy street is well worth it to look at the beautiful flowers and independent shops.

The flower market is on Sunday mornings. It does get extremely busy so get up nice and early to try and avoid the crowds. House plants at Colombia Road can actually be surprisingly affordable, particularly for larger plants- you’ll just have to be that person carrying a small tree onto the tube!

How Can I Get House Plants For Free?


The very best place to go for plants on a budget is to your friends and family. On my last visit home to see my parents, my mum presented me with a trailing ivy that she had been growing for me from a cutting.

I was over the moon with this and brought it straight back to London with me, soil and all. If you’re on a budget, you can ask your nearest and dearest for cuttings, and then try and make a baby plant!

To do this all you have to do is place some cuttings in a jar of water and then cross your fingers and hope that one of them grows a root. Then you can pot it, sit back, and wait for the magic to happen.

Where do you get your house plants from? Let me know in the comments!

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