Chase UK Review- I tried the new bank that helps you save as you spend


AD- this is a paid post in collaboration with Chase UK.

There’s a new digital bank in town! You may have heard of Chase if you’ve got some friends over in the US. The digital bank offers a wealth of rewards and is hailed as a simple, rewarding, banking experience. I’ve tested out Chase for myself, and I’ll be sharing my experience with the new bank that helps you earn and save as you spend.

Chase UK Review

The Chase UK app

Chase is a digital bank, meaning they currently do not have a branch in the UK. As well as a physical card, you’ll be able to access everything you need through their app. Within the app you can very clearly navigate the homepage to see your card details, account details, and recent activity.

You can also add separate accounts within the app, which is useful if you need to separate your finances for any reason. For example, you may wish to have an account specifically for using when travelling- you can deposit money into the account and then make use of your money as Chase won’t charge any fees for spending abroad

You can also add Chase to ApplePay and GPay using the app- you can even do this before your physical card arrives in the post! Another digital advantage of Chase.

Chase is only available to adults aged 18+, so do keep this in mind if you are looking to open an account with them.

Numberless Chase Card

The Chase card is numberless to provide an extra level of security to help keep customers’ account details safe if they lose their physical card. This is an excellent safety feature- and if you do lose your card? You can freeze it from within the app as soon as you notice it’s missing. And if you find it in your coat pocket a few hours later? Simply unfreeze from within the app.

You can find all your card details within the app by clicking ‘see details.’ You can then directly copy and paste these from the app if you are shopping online, for example.

Chase UK Rewards

The Chase current account is a simple, rewarding banking experience. The Chase account enables you to earn and save as you spend, with 1% cashback on all eligible debit card spending for one year. Chase is also offering 3% cashback on on up to £5,000 of purchases until the end of this year to give a little back for Amazon spending.

Plus, when you round up your spending, Chase will give you a generous 5% AER on your spare change. You can also track all of your round ups from within the app.

Final thoughts on Chase UK

The easy, user-friendly experience of the Chase UK app, and the simplicity of the rewards programme are highlights of Chase. 1% cashback on all eligible debit card spending is also a major bonus – coupled with the 5% AER on round up spending- it’s a real incentive to try Chase as your new digital bank.

Cashback exceptions apply, see more information at

Round-ups: 5% AER (4.89% gross) variable, paid monthly. T&Cs apply


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