18 Best Cheap Shops In London For Budget Shopping

You might be surprised to hear that cheap shops in London aren’t actually that hard to come by. In fact, if you want to go shopping on a budget in London, there are shops to suit every taste and wallet. From charity shops to bargain basement style stores, to designer outlet shops- London probably has the best choice of shopping in the UK.

Whether you’re looking for cheap clothes shops, cheap groceries, or cheap health and beauty care, London has you covered with shops in all corners of the city. Let’s jump into the list!

1. Flying Tiger

If you haven’t visited Flying Tiger before, you’ll probably walk around picking up handfuls of stuff, and exclaiming: “I can’t believe this is only three quid?!”

Flying Tiger is a Scandinavian brand that originates from Denmark. There are plenty of stores across London in locations such as Oxford Street, Angel and Battersea.

You can find toys, stationery, arts and crafts materials, homeware, personal care items, seasonal decorations, and even food and drink! It’s a great place to find an inexpensive gift, and I can guarantee that you won’t walk out of Flying Tiger empty handed.

2. Sostrene Grene

Another affordable Scandi offering- Sostrene Grene has stores across the UK, and have recently opened up a shop in London, in Wandsworth. Sostrene Grene is another great place to find gifts on a budget, but you’ll also find beautiful homeware, cards, gift wrap, craft materials and toys for children- among other things!

Many items at Sostrene Grene come in at under £10, and the design and attention to detail is brilliant. A lot of their stock is on trend, and you won’t regret paying a visit to this store.

3. TK Maxx

TK Maxx is the UK’s answer to TJ Maxx in the USA. There is a TK Maxx in most major shopping areas of London, including Oxford Street.

In TK Maxx you’ll find lots of clothing, homeware, beauty and food items. Many lines are end of season clearance or last season’s branded items. BUT, (a little insider knowledge for you) some brands will create bulk orders of product specifically to be sold at TK Maxx. It’s lower quality and high volume. So be mindful- it might not always be the bargain that you think it is!

Brands I’ve seen in the past in TK Maxx include See by Chloe, Massimo Dutti, Ted Baker and Zara. There is always a real mixture! Head to the ‘Gold Label’ section if you are looking for designer clothing on a budget.

TK Maxx also has regular sales which is a great way to make even more of a saving on your shopping.

4. Choice

Choice is a clearance discount shop that sells designer clothing, shoes and accessories from seasons gone by. The chain was bought by Frasers Group in 2022, and has several London locations.

At the stores you’ll find a range of different price points, from established brands and perhaps lesser known labels. You might find labels like Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani and Vivienne Westwood. The discount shop says that you may get up to 70% off RRP!

5. Muji

Muji is a Japanese retailer selling minimalist items for everyday life. You’ll find home accessories, clothing, stationery and more in these stores. There is a focus on recycled product and recyclable packaging.

The price point at Muji is affordable (you can definitely find a whole lot of items here for less than £10), especially considering the brand ethos and sustainability aspect of this brand. Find them on Oxford Street, Kensington, Islington and Covent Garden.

6. Savers

You’ll see Savers on many a high street in London. Usually found on more residential high streets, there are lots of Savers stores across the city in locations such as Hammersmith, Camden and Stoke Newington. 

So what can you buy at Savers? Pretty much anything! From discount toiletries and make up, to cleaning products, baby products, food, gifts and perfume. As the name suggests, this is somewhere that you can make a serious saving on popular household brands and pay less than other supermarkets or retailers such as Boots or Superdrug.

7. Bodycare

Bodycare has only recently opened its first store in London. Usually found in towns and cities in the north of England (I used to go to this shop frequently when I was at uni in the North West!), it’s finally found its feet in the capital.

At Bodycare you’ll find brand name toiletries and make up at a significant saving. Like Savers, you’ll find some random bits and pieces, but you’ll also find things like first aid kit supplies, plasters, medicine and other bathroom cupboard essentials.

8. Miniso

I first visited Miniso in China on a work trip, but they now have several stores in the UK, including London. The prices don’t work out quite as cheap as they do in China, but what they offer is seriously cute and unique. And let’s be honest, it’s still affordable. 

You’ll mostly find kids toys, stationery, snacks and other cute bits and pieces in this store. But you can also find accessories, home accessories and electronics.

9. Poundland

Poundland is perhaps the best known discount store in the UK. There are Poundland locations on most highstreets- although sadly, most things now cost more than one pound due to increasing inflation!

At Poundland you can find a range of foods, cleaning products, garden and home accessories, stationery, cards, books, craft materials and even batteries. There’s certainly a huge assortment of things in Poundland, so it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for budget shopping in London.

London Poundland locations include Brixton, Camden, Hammersmith and many more. 

10. B&M

B&M is a serious discount store, usually found on retail parks throughout the UK. Although their stores are on the outskirts of London in locations such as Ilford and Colindale, I think they still deserve a mention in this list.

So what can you find at B&M? Just about EVERYTHING. B&M is particularly great for branded kids toys, homeware, gifting (including bridal shower and baby shower items), discounted brand name foods, and even clothing.

You never know what you’re going to find when you go to B&M, and that’s why you’ll have to check it out for yourself!

Primark homeware

11. Home Bargains

Home Bargains are most commonly found outside of London in large retail parks. That said, there are several London locations including Woolwich, Edmonton Green and Beckton. 

Similar to B&M, Home Bargains has a vast array of home goods such as toiletries, food, gifts, utensils, stationery and gardening equipment. They also have a large variety of seasonal items across Christmas, Easter and Halloween. 

12. Lidl

Lidl competes with Aldi for the lowest cost supermarket in the UK. It’s a great place for cheaper groceries, but has still been hit by inflation, so gone are the days where you could get a week of shopping for £30!

You may find that you will not be able to find everything on your shopping list at Lidl, so may have to go to another supermarket to pick up more specialist items. That said, it’s worth visiting if there is a Lidl near you.

13. Aldi

Like Lidl, Aldi is another low cost supermarket. Again, you may not find everything you need here, but the savings are often worth the extra trip to a different supermarket.

Aldi is famous for its ‘middle aisle’ where non-food items are sold cheaply and seasonally. For example, you may find childrens toys, camping equipment or Christmas trees depending on the time of year.

Aldi is also famous for its ‘dupes’ across food, make up and skincare. Often they will be so close to the real deal that you can tell by the colours and the packaging which brand they are copying! Rumour has it that some Aldi brands are actually branded products repackaged, but that is yet to be confirmed.

14. Primark

As far as cheap shops in London go, Primark is probably the cheapest place you’ll find brand new clothes, and the quality of the items can be quite telling of this. The queues are long, but the prices are cheap.

Primark has two locations on Oxford street, with floors of sprawling clothes, shoes, accessories and homeware. Primark tends to follow the trends, and recreate highstreet looks for anyone on a budget.

15. Outlet stores

There are several designer outlets in London, the two most well known being London Designer Outlet Wembley and ICON Outlet at the O2.

If you’re already planning to head to the O2 or Wembley for an event, why not head to the designer outlets and make a day of it?

ICON Outlet at the O2

The ICON Outlet is actually located inside the O2. You’ll find shops such as Ted Baker, New Balance, Asics, Dune, Gant, Hackett, Hobbs, Levi’s, Moss Bros, Next, Radley, Reiss and Tommy Hilfiger (and many more!). Check out their full list of shops.

My favourite shop at the ICON O2 outlet is The Cosmetics Company. Think Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Origins, Clinique and Bobbi Brown (among many others) at a great discount. I got an Origins moisturiser for 40% off!

London Designer Outlet Wembley

You can expect up to 70% off the RRP at the shops at the London Designer Outlet Wembley. Brands include Adidas, Asics, Calvin Klein, Converse, Levi’s, M&S, New Balance, Next, The North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, Superdry and Vans. See here for their full list of shops.

16. Charity shops

I might be biased, but I think London has some of the best charity shops in the country. There are hundreds of them, and some are more reasonably priced than you might imagine (I found a Fendi top for £7 in Ealing once!).

We have tons of guides around charity shopping in London, including a guide to charity shopping in West London, South London, Camden, and the biggest charity shops in London too.

17. London markets

There are several markets all over London, and while they may not be as cheap as some of the shops on this list, you can certainly still find a bargain.

Some of the most popular London markets include Brick Lane, Portobello Market, and Camden Market. Each has their own charm. Brick Lane is in East London, Portobello in West London, and Camden in North London.

Camden Market is known for grunge, goth, and music vibes. Portobello is more well known for curiosities, vintage clothing and retro furniture, and Brick Lane is close to some incredible food (not to mention the famous Rough Trade record shop).

18. Everything 5 Pounds

Ok so technically this one is a cheap online shop for clothes, but I couldn’t not mention it within this guide to cheap shops in London. They ship to addresses in London, so that counts, right?

As you might have guessed by the name, Everything 5 Pounds works on the basis that what they sell is a fiver (although some items come in at slightly more expensive than this). The website is a clearance site for high street brands, although the labels are cut out.

Past finds in the Thrifty Londoner community include Oasis, River Island and Topshop. You might be able to find the item on Google images from past seasons, or you may simply recognise the colour of the label where it’s been cut off.

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