Christmas Temp Jobs in London


Christmas is round the corner. Whatever your reason for wanting to get a temp job this Christmas, there are plenty to be found in London. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job during the Christmas holidays as a student, you want to take on a second job as a side hustle, or perhaps you just want to get into the festive spirit. Christmas temp jobs in London are easy to come by. Let’s find you one!

Christmas temp jobs in London

Festive temp jobs tend to fall into the following categories- bar and waiting staff, retail staff, and event staff. These industries are likely to have the most jobs available. Bars and restaurants, shops, and events tend to be busier than ever over the Christmas period.

However, you may also find temp work in office based companies. This is usually to cover holiday or to cover a particularly busy period of trading.

When to start looking for a Christmas temp job

October is the best time to start looking as most businesses post about upcoming jobs a month or two in advance. You’ll find that when you search for Christmas temp jobs in October, most vacancies are yet to be filled. As of 9th October, was showing 317 available Christmas temp jobs in London – and that’s just ones with ‘Christmas’ in the job title!

November is leaving it a little late to look for a job starting in December. However, most places are desperate for staff even well into December, so you’re unlikely to be left without options. If you’re reading this in November- it’s not too late to find a Christmas job! Keep looking as many businesses will still be looking for Christmas temps.

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When do Christmas temp jobs start?

Looking at job listings at the beginning of October, many jobs are available with an immediate start date. This means you can get started with a Christmas temp job in October, and it’ll see you through until the end of the year.

Although October seems to be a peak time to snap up a great temporary position, you can start a Christmas temp job any time between October and December. Different companies and businesses will have different requirements. For example, a venue that is anticipating lots of Christmas parties will likely need extra staff in December only.

How long does a Christmas temp job last for?

Most Christmas temp jobs run from early/mid-November until Christmas Eve or Boxing Day (when the shopping stops), with a few running just into the new year depending on the industry. If you decide to opt for a bar or restaurant job, it’s likely that you may be needed up until the new year to account for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

But remember, how long your Christmas temp jobs runs for depends on you. If you have another job and are just looking for a little extra cash, you could do a few hours in a bar or supermarket on the weekends. But if you’re looking for a career change, you could use the busy Christmas period as a stepping stone into another industry. It’s totally up to you to decide how long you want to commit to the temp job. Do what feels right for you in terms of reaching your financial and professional goals.

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Where to find a Christmas temp job in London

You can often find Christmas temp jobs listed online on sites like Indeed and Reed. Businesses are also increasingly listing jobs on sites such as LinkedIn.

Websites to find a Christmas temp job in London:


You can also go into stores, outlets, and establishments near you to inquire about Christmas temp jobs. Make sure that you have your CV to hand (just in case!). The store staff are likely to direct you to a form you can fill out online, or may even give you an email address that you can use to apply to Christmas temp positions.

Be sure to also sign up to recruitment agencies near you. Often, local recruitment agents will be recruiting for small businesses over the Christmas period, and may be able to help you to secure a role with ease.

Make a wish-list of your favourite retailers and establishments

Is there anywhere you’d really like to work over Christmas? Your favourite bar? Your favourite shop? Perhaps a local garden centre or Christmas tree stall? If the establishment is part of a chain, you will often find job listings directly on their website. For example, if you wanted to work at Next over Christmas, you can go to their careers page on their website and directly apply for temp jobs there.

Use your network

Ask friends and family to keep an eye out for job listings for Christmas temp jobs in London, and ask if they know someone you can help over the festive period. Your network can be a powerful way to get extra work over the holidays. If a friend of a friend has secured a Christmas job, they might be able to help you get one too!

Another great place to start is at your current place of work (if you are already employed). Ask your current employer if you can put in any extra shifts for the busy season. Often, the answer will be yes! Of course, this only works if you are paid hourly, and paid for any overtime work.

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What pay and hours can you expect?

The pay for Christmas temp jobs is variable. Many positions are minimum wage, sometimes with additional uplifts for night shift work or holiday work. You may also expect an uplift in tips for roles in the hospitality sector.

As a rule of thumb, the pay is similar to the rest of the year, with increased pay for night shifts which are more available (e.g. Wholefoods £10.50 per hour or £12.50 for a night shift).

Warehouse jobs seem to pay a little better than retail or front of house roles. However, you may be able to make up the difference in tips over the festive season. The bonus of a Christmas temp job is that there are more hours and shifts available than other times of year, so it is easier to fit around another job, school and family commitments.

However do remember that you may also be able to find an office-based job over the holidays which can often be slightly better paid than retail or hospitality work. The hours might also be a little more social- with 9-5pm often being the norm.

Christmas-themed jobs

Most Christmas temp jobs will be in retail, but there are a handful of temp jobs which are actually Christmassy, rather than just happening at Christmas. If you love to get into the Christmas spirit, this is a fun way to get festive and earn some extra cash at the same time.

A couple of examples:

    • Winter Wonderland. This event runs from November to January so it’s a good idea to get in on it early. Head to Google to find out more. Several different websites are advertising positions.
    • Ascot. It’s a little outside of London, but commutable. Each year this fancy location hosts a Christmas event for 6 weeks from November until Christmas Eve. A minimum of 3 shifts per week are required, mostly at weekends, which could be easy to work around a full time job. An added bonus: you’d be dressed as an elf!

Benefits of Christmas temp jobs

So now you know where to go and find a Christmas temp job- what are the benefits of temping at Christmas time?

The benefits:

  • Extra money for Christmas drinks, to cover what you spend on Christmas shopping or to add to your savings for the new year.
  • Festive vibes. You’ll meet tons of new people and with any luck, they’ll be merry.
  • New experiences. If you’re doing something a bit different from your normal job you’ll pick up some new skills and add to your life’s wisdom. If you’ve never worked in retail before, I guarantee taking a Christmas retail job will make you a better person for life!
  • Staff discounts. Depending on where you’re working, you might get money off what your company is selling. This could mean free drinks or free clothes! Or perhaps you could get your family into an event for free as a Christmas gift. Win-win.
  • Less time to spend money. Whilst your mates are wasting their hard earned money in the pub, again, you’ll be raking in the extra pounds.
  • An escape. Many people go home for Christmas, but maybe you don’t want to spend every second with your family, so why not get paid to take a break from them?
  • They’re temporary. Temp jobs, by definition, don’t last forever, so if you hate it then it doesn’t matter. Before you know it it’ll be over and you’ll be left with nothing but memories and money, and hopefully some new pals.

A Christmas temp job can be a great way to start the new year off with a bang, and make sure that you are on top of your finances by the time the new year comes around. With all that extra cash from your temp job, you’re less likely to be in debt because of the cost of Christmas, and more likely to start the new year with some extra money in the bank.

Volunteering temp jobs at Christmas in London

It is inevitable that in a big city like London, there are a large number of charities that need some extra help over the Christmas period. Did you know that food banks receive a huge number of additional inquiries over the festive season?

Shelters for victims of homelessess and abuse are always busiest at Christmas. It’s a great time to give something back to the community. Inquire at your local shelter to find out how you might be able to help at Christmas. Your local community is often the best place to start when it comes to finding a volunteering position over the holidays.

Often you don’t need to commit to a huge number of hours or days over the Christmas period. Charities will be happy for you to do a few hours a week to help them with the increased demand for their services at this time of year.

Check out this article for more ideas about how you can become a volunteer and make a difference to your local London community at Christmas this year.

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How to avoid burn out at Christmas

If you are taking on an additional job role at Christmas, it’s important to recognise the signs of burnout, and make sure that you are taking care of yourself first and foremost. When you have two jobs, PLUS any stress over the Christmas period, it’s easy to put everything else before your own health (both mental and physical).

Look out for the warning signs of burn out: feeling of energy depletion or exhaustion, feelings of negativity or cynicism towards your job, lack of concentration, depersonalisation, detachment, increased levels of frustration or irritability, behaviour changes and decreased work standards.

Remember, Christmas is also a great opportunity to take some time out to relax, spend precious moments with family and friends, and take a break from work. So if you are already stressed out, really take the time to consider if taking on another job is the right thing for you. After all, there’s always the new year, and you could even do a side hustle from home instead!

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