18 Transcendent Crystal Shops In London

If you’re looking to find the best spiritual crystal shops in London, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for specific crystals, herbs, incense, sage or books, there are plenty of places to shop at. Some crystal shops are in very central London locations which are perfect for visitors and for picking up a London souvenir, but there’s also shops further afield in more residential areas of the city.

Most of the stores on this list will be perfect for anyone new to spirituality and crystals, but will also cater to those who are more knowledgeable on the topic- with many stores carrying angel cards, rare crystals and more.

1. The Astrology Shop

Possibly one of the most well-known crystal shops in London, The Astrology Shop has a central London location in Covent Garden. A cosy, warm shop with shelves on every corner, this shop is a must-visit for anyone visiting London. The shop has a vast array of books, incense, ornaments, birth charts, tarot and of course crystals.

Some of the crystals are super affordable coming in at less than a few pounds each, while others are much larger and more specialist and are understandably more expensive.

The staff at The Astrology Shop are super helpful- so if you’re unsure of what crystal to get, they are on hand to help. Once you purchase your crystals, the names of each of them are itemised on your receipt and placed into a blue velvet pouch for safe keeping. I love the fact that the crystals are itemised by name because you can research them a little further once you get back home.

πŸ“ 78 Neal St, London WC2H 9PA

2. She’s Lost Control

She’s Lost Control is the peachy pink, Instagrammable spiritual and crystal shop that dreams are made of. The store is located at Broadway Market, but also has a thriving online store too. You’ll find ethical crystals, jewellery, candles, oils, astrology readings, wellness events and more.

Not only a shop, She’s Lost Control is more of a lifestyle brand, with founder Jill Erwin aiming to create a “modern wellness space that felt fresh, accessible, and supportive” so that anyone and everyone could walk through the doors and feel welcome. It’s perfect if you’re new to spirituality.

The interior is just as beautiful as the interior, so this is a must visit for anyone looking for the best crystal shops in London.

πŸ“ 74 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ

3. Urban Buddha

Based in Fulham, Urban Buddha is wellbeing store in London that encompasses all aspects of spiritual wellbeing. Stock includes fine crystals, buddahs, incense, candles, malas, jewellery and more.

The peaceful West London crystal shop has many gifts and treasures available alongside more typical wellbeing items such as sound bowls and specialist crystals. It’s hard to come away empty handed from Urban Buddha!

πŸ“ 755 Fulham Rd., London SW6 5UU

4. Mysteries

Mysteries is one of the original London crystal shops stocking all things metaphysical. Founded in 1982, it’s been a thriving New Age hub ever since. Go here for psychic readings, New Age books, gifts, and artefacts.

The store is located in Covent Garden, so if you’d like to hit a few spots in one day, you could make a visit to both Mysteries and The Astrology Shop. Beautiful crystals, oracle cards and holistic products can be found in the store.

And if you’re looking for a reading? Not only can you get a reading (whether that’s psychic or a tarot reading) done in person, you can also book in for a telephone or Zoom reading if you wish to.

πŸ“ 34 Short’s Gardens, London WC2H 9PX

5. Energy To Seek

Looking for a store in Notting Hill? Energy To Seek is based on Portobello Road, just a few minutes away from Portobello Market. They describe themselves as a wholesale store, but have a huge choice of healing crystals and other items such as fossils, jewellery, buddha figures and artwork.

As well as a large variety of crystals and other gift items, Energy To Seek also offer fortune telling and lucky charms such as Lucky Number, Lucky Colour and Lucky Money Frog.

πŸ“ 231 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LT

6. The Hare And The Moon

A little out of the city centre is The Hare And The Moon, a spiritual gift shop in Twickenham selling a range of crystals, incense, spiritual giftware and handmade gifts too.

On the lower ground floor of the shop, there is a spiritual community space to offer support, workshops and events. The Hare And The Moon also host full moon circles every month, and unique workshops at the new moon. If you want to regularly attend, there are membership packages available for every budget. Head to their website for more information.

πŸ“ 23 Church St, Twickenham TW1 3NJ

7. Venusrox

Venusrox is a luxury crystal and mineral gallery sourcing the finest (often museum grade) crystals and minerals. Another West London based crystal shop based in Notting Hill, this is a stone’s throw from Portobello Road Market.

In the showroom you’ll find crystals and premium jewellery. All crystals are sourced by hand by founders Matt and Victoria, and large crystals are fast gaining popularity as an alternative option to typical art and sculpture. It’s a must visit if you’re in the area.

πŸ“ 25 All Saints Rd, London W11 1HE

8. Charlie’s Rock Shop

Charlie’s Rock Shop has been in operation since Summer Solstice, 1989. The shop is a real Aladdin’s cave of crystals, fossils and jewellery. There are a vast array of crystals to suit every budget and every need. The staff are superbly knowledgeable, and are happy to give recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

The store is very affordable, which makes it a must-visit crystal shop in London. You certainly won’t be overpaying for gifts or spiritual items at this store.

πŸ“ Unit 1-3, The 1929 Shop, 18 Watermill Wy, London SW19 2RD

9. Camden Crystals

As you might expect, Camden is home to several crystal shops, including Camden Crystals, located in the heart of Camden Market. Camden Crystals more of a gift and tourist attraction within the market compared to other specialist stores on this list.

However, you will still find an abundance of crystals, jewellery, wind chimes and more- it’s a great place to go for a London souvenir if you are in the Camden area. Spending a while in Camden? Check out the best charity shops in Camden while you’re visiting.

πŸ“ Unit 516 Stables Market Ltd, Chalk Farm Rd NW1 8AH

10. Quena

Another Camden offering, Quena is a beautiful cultural gift shop located in Camden Lock Market. It’s a lovely cosy shop with a brilliant energy and knowledgeable staff. Go there to find crystals, minerals, textiles, sage, palo santo, incense, candles and crafts from all over the world.

It’s a must-visit if you’re in the Camden Market area, and do pop along to Camden Crystals at the same time to make the most of being in this spiritual area of the city!

πŸ“ Camden Lock Market, 1b, Market, London NW1 8AL

11. Dalston Crystals

If you’re in North East London, Dalston Crystals is a must- it’s not too far from Hackney and it’s well worth the visit. Dalston Crystals are experts and specialise in ethically sourced crystals and ‘other magical things’ including jewellery, books and incense.

And if you want to check out their wares online before heading into store, you can purchase online on their Etsy store, Dalston Crystals where they sell their beautiful crystal jewellery and individual crystals.

πŸ“ 76 Green Lanes, Newington Green, London N16 9EJ

12. Mystic Gates

In a super central location not far from Paddington station, you’ll find Mystic Gates. The store is modern, with a gallery-like feel, specialising in high quality crystals and minerals. The prices are affordable which is almost surprising considering the location and reputation of the store.

The staff are extremely knowledgeable about crystal healing, how to start using crystals, and recommendations. It’s a wonderful place to pick up a gift, or browse for your next crystal for yourself. You’d definitely find it hard to leave this store empty handed.

πŸ“ 2 Norfolk Pl, Tyburnia, London W2 1QN

13. Crystal Forest

You’ll find Crystal Forest in Spitalfields, East London. It’s a charming tiny store where you will receive personalised service from the staff. There is a vast array of crystals on offer, and the store also has alternative therapies on hand such as tarot card reading.

If you’re heading to Spitalfields Market, or you’re having a wander around Shoreditch, make the trip to the Crystal Forest for yourself.

πŸ“ Tea Rooms, Brick Ln, London E1 6RU

14. I Got That Crystal Healing

I Got That Crystal Healing was founded in 2020 by Layla and Charlotte. It’s a great one to visit if you’re in East London as the store is conveniently located in Shoreditch Boxpark. The owners opened the store with the hope to bring more energy and positivity to people, and they’re doing a great job!

At the store you’ll find a large selection of crystals, but also other healing products such as glass crystal water bottles, vegan soy candles, and gua sha tools. All crystals are also ethically sourced.

πŸ“ UNIT 34 BOXPARK RETAIL MALL, 2 10 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E1 6GY

15. Spiritual Wellbeing London

More of a specialist religious and spiritual store rather than a crystal shop, Spiritual Wellbeing London sells all manner of spiritual healing items including crystals, candles, talismans and books. The store also offers psychic readings and tarot readings by their specialist alternative practitioners.

If you can’t make it to their store, they have a wealth of items for sale on their online shop including palo santo and sage for aura and home cleansing.

πŸ“ Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant, 77 Lower Clapton Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 0PQ

16. London Fossils And Crystals

As the name suggests, London Fossils and Crystals is a store that specialises in fossils and crystals. It’s another one of the best crystal shops in London, with an enticing faΓ§ade and an eclectic mix of products available in store.

Handily located in Waterloo, the store sells everything from crystals, to Himalayan salt lamps, to bath crystals, cones and resins, and owner Sheila has been selling crystals since 1999. You’ll find tons of expertise at this store, along with special items like pendulums, jewellery and herbs.

πŸ“ 217 Waterloo Rd, London SE1 8XH

17. Soulstice

Soulstice is another London crystal shop with a beautiful location, in the heart of Primrose Hill. While you’re there, definitely check out the best charity shops in Primrose Hill, and also the beautiful skyline view of the city from the perfect vantage point on the hill.

In store you’ll find lots of quality crystals for every stage of your life. The shop itself has a lovely calm energy, and has been featured in Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, but the prices do reflect these credentials, and affluent area that the store is located in.

πŸ“ 107 Regent’s Park Rd, London NW1 8UR

18. AK Vibes

East Ham based AK Vibes is by appointment only, so although it’s a great shop, it’s probably only one to visit if you’re in the area already. The shop showcases hand selected crystals, jewellery, healing tools and therapies. Book a free appointment to visit the beautiful store and learn more about the crystals sold.

Abdul, the founder of AK Vibes, also owns a crystal factory in Turkey, meaning that there is full transparency when it comes to sourcing.

πŸ“ 276 Barking Rd, London E6 3BA

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