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We all know that exercise is good for us, but do we always find the time and money to do it? No. It can be hard to feel motivated unless you have found an exercise that you love doing, and that makes you feel good. The gym might not be for you, and that’s ok. A great way to try new things is through exercise classes- and when you’re trying out new things? It’s great when you don’t have to spend lots of money.

Exercise classes like yoga and spinning sound appealing- but the prices in London can be quite off putting. In London, most exercise classes will set you back by around £15 (or more!) which is money that can be tricky to part with. The thought of spending £60 a month for just 4 classes is challenging– you might feel like you have always been able to find things which you’d rather spend your money on instead.

Let’s dive in on how to find cheap exercise classes in London. Like most fantastic bargains, cheap exercise classes in London are not easy to come by, but hopefully this list will help make your search that little bit easier.


With ClassPass, you can search through thousands of classes all over London and reserve your place at the click of a button. Usually this service is priced at £65 per month, but when you are referred to ClassPass you get £40 off and so does your friend. This means that you can get a months worth of classes for £25! If you do two classes a week for a month, that ends up at just over £3 per class. If you would like to get £40 off a ClassPass for your first month, you can use this ClassPass refer a friend code.

Community Classes

If you look hard enough in your local area, you will usually be able to find a deal of some kind. If you live in South East London, you might find the £5 yoga class on a Tuesday at Peckham Levels will appeal to you.

Are you a West London resident? You might enjoy the £5 Lumi Power Yoga classes on Fridays and Sundays in Hammersmith. The proceeds from your class fee goes towards the Lumi Foundation.

If you’re based north of the river, there is even a free meditation and yoga class in Swiss Cottage on a Tuesday which you can get involved with.

Office Schemes

Does your office offer any lunchtime or after work classes at a reduced rate? My office offers a free gym membership to the gym on the top floor of my office, which (embarrassingly) I have only used twice in two years- eek. I think this probably shows just how much I dislike the gym- I never say no to a freebie!

At previous workplaces there have been small yoga and Pilates groups which have been either free or very cheap to attend. If you work in a large office, it is definitely something worth looking into. If there isn’t already a group that exists- why not see if you could create one for your office yourself? There are bound to be others who are looking for convenient and cheap exercise classes in London.

Existing gym memberships

If you do already go to the gym, but are looking to add some cheap exercise classes to your regime, make sure that your gym membership covers any attendance to classes. Surprisingly, an awful lot of gyms will make you pay an additional cost to attend an exercise class.

Check out PureGym whose memberships start from £36.99 per month, and do not tie you to a contract. Students can also get 10% off the price of the membership which makes this option super affordable if you are already a gym goer.

Have you attended any cheap exercise classes in London recently? I would love to know about them!

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