How to Get a Free Haircut in London


A simple haircut in London will start from around £30, and just go up and up in price- especially if you like to have a regular treatment or colour. The cost can amount to hundreds over the course of the year. This expense could easily be avoided- IF you know how to get a free haircut in London. And you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you how!

Every salon will have trainee hairdressers that need to be taught how to do everything the salon has to offer- training will be especially intense if a salon has a reputation for a particular cut or style. Often this is a surefire way to get a cheap hair cut in London, however some salons are particularly generous.

Free haircuts might also be available when a salon is preparing for a particular show, seminar or photoshoot- in this instance, they will often have a style or hair type in mind. For example, they might specifically be looking to give someone a one length bob.

Will I get a botched job if it’s free?

Despite the fact that you are getting a free cut, always remember that your stylist in training will be overseen by someone more senior. You might even be getting a haircut from a senior stylist who is demonstrating a technique to students- so no need to worry about getting a botched haircut! However do keep in mind that you may not get a say in the style that they want to demonstrate- so do check this before you agree to the appointment.

Due to the fact you will be a model for a trainee or tutor, expect your cut to take longer than normal. This could be up to 3 hours depending on the work that is being done on your hair. Also remember to book in advance to make sure that you secure your place. Booking 2- 3 weeks ahead of time is usually a good estimate.

How to get a free haircut in London

So to get a free haircut in London, you need to know where to go. Here is a list of 10 London-based salons who offer FREE haircuts. Many of them are high end, world renowned salons, where a cut would usually cost upwards of £100. It’s a brilliant way to treat yourself to a new look without spending any money at all!

Hari’s- King’s Road

Head to Hari’s in Chelsea to get your haircut completely free of charge! Check their website to make your booking online, and be sure to choose the correct day for your hair length. If you’re having your hair coloured, there is a charge of around £10-25 to cover costs. Cuts and blow dries would usually cost between £60-150 for women so getting a free haircut here is a massive saving.

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Stuart Philips- Seven Dials

Stuart Philips’ London salon offers free haircuts, with a cost of £20 for colour. There aren’t set dates and times for model nights at the salon, so call up and ask when they have a slot with a junior stylist available.

Windle & Moodie- Covent Garden

You can register to be a hair model at Windle & Moodie by emailing Someone will get back to your query- as all bookings for model appointments must be placed through this email. A haircut at this salon is completely free with an assistant stylist, with a colour coming in at £15-20. Ladies haircuts at Windle & Moodie would usually cost between £45-72, so a free haircut here would be a real treat.

Percy and Reed- Shoreditch

Percy and Reed is a super well-known salon brand, and model nights are Tuesdays from 5pm. You can make an enquiry through their email address- You will receive a call back when they have a need for your hair type and length. Be sure to send your phone number and include a photo of your hair.

London School of Barbering- Farringdon & Liverpool Street

One for the gents, the London School of Barbering offers free men’s haircuts with a junior barber trainee, or haircuts for just £3 with a senior barber trainee. Head to their website to book online at one of their two London salons.

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Hair for Men Academy- Shoreditch

Another freebie for the gents out there! Hair for Men Academy is based in Shoreditch and offer a haircut or shave for nothing. You pick the style, and it will only take 45 minutes which is a lot quicker than some of the other free options on this list. Contact to make an enquiry.

Aveda Institute- Holborn

Aveda don’t offer walks in for trainee models, but they do post on Facebook and other online marketplaces such as Gumtree where trainees will put out a call for models. Trainees will be looking for models with particular hair types or lengths- so keep your eyes peeled! Trainee cuts and colours will usually be on Mondays.

Total Barber Academy- Shoreditch

Another one for the gents- Total Barber Academy offer free cuts and shaves from 10:30am on weekdays. They will let you choose the cut, or if you’re unsure of the look to go for, they can make a recommendation. Telephone 02077397690 (Ext 1) to enquire about free haircuts.

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Rush Academy- Covent Garden

Rush Academy offer free haircuts for men, and charge £5 for women- which is still an absolute steal for a haircut! You could also have an Ombre or Balayage treatment for just £25. Head to their website to fill out their model form and someone will be in touch.

Taylor Taylor- Spitalfield

Taylor Taylor is a renowned London salon, and it offers free haircuts on training nights! Head to their website to make an enquiry- trainee colour appointments will start from £10 to cover the costs. Find yourself a luxury experience at this top salon.

Another brilliant tip is to check out sites like Gumtree and Facebook where trainees will regularly advertise that they need hair models- trainees from Trevor Sorbie, Aveda and Hersheons have all advertised on Gumtree for models in the past.

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A free luxury hair experience is an opportunity that many won’t experience- it’s unlikely that a free appointment will just land in your lap- you will have to seek out these free haircuts. Remember to check the salon requirements before booking and consider how far you are willing to go in terms of changing up your style. Lastly, remember that appointments can often last for 3-4 hours, so make sure you have enough time to give to the appointment.

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