How To Maximise Cashback UK 2023 

AD- this is a paid post in collaboration with Quidco

Who doesn’t want to get money back on their purchases when they shop online!? We all love saving money here at Thrifty Londoner, which is why getting cashback on your everyday purchases is a must. In this article we will discuss how to maximise cashback in the UK in 2023. The must know hacks, insider tips, and the rest. No gatekeeping here!

Signing up to a cashback website like Quidco is a no brainer. It’s free to sign up, it’s convenient, and the site (and app!) is easy to navigate. Most importantly, it’s a simple process to withdraw your cashback.

Cashback is incredible- you have more spare cash to spend on the important things, or save for a rainy day. No big effort required.

How does cashback work?

Cashback works on the basis that a retailer will pay Quidco a referral fee for “referring” you to their retailer website. Quidco will keep some of the referral fee for themselves, and pass the rest to you! This referral fee is also known as an affiliate payment.

All you need to do, is search for your retailer of choice in the Quidco search bar, click through, and then shop as normal. When you have made your purchase, the cashback will automatically be credited to your Quidco account.

The percentage amount of cashback available varies by retailer, but quickly adds up over time, especially if you are shopping for high value items. There are over 5,000 retailers listed on Quidco, so there’s a high chance they will have your retailer of choice listed on their site.

Sign up to Quidco

Signing up to Quidco is free and easy to do. You can sign up in a matter of minutes, browse the extensive number of retailers, and start earning cashback right away!

Quidco is totally safe and secure. Quidco uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption, which guarantees maximum security.

There are no hidden costs on Quidco. It’s totally free to sign up to the basic membership, and to shop and get cashback on your purchases. Quidco do offer a premium membership, Quidco Premium, which offers some extra features, which you may want to explore at a later date.

Utilise the sign up bonus

Thrifty Londoner readers receive a £10 bonus when they sign up to Quidco as a new member using this link. The £10 bonus will be credited to your account once you complete a purchase worth £5 or more.

This £10 bonus is a great way to start earning back on your spending, and is one of our best tips on how to maximise cashback in the UK in 2023. Not only do you receive your bonus when you make your first purchase, you’ll also get your cashback ontop of that. Trust me, you’ll be hooked!

Install the app

If you tend to shop online from your phone, it’s a great idea to install the Quidco app. This makes it super easy to click through and use anytime you want to browse and shop online.

Using the app means that you’re already signed into Quidco when you need to use it, and getting your cashback takes a matter of seconds!

📱 Top tip- keep your Quidco app on the first screen of your phone so that you never forget to use it.

Install the browser extension

If you shop online on your laptop or desktop computer, you might wish to install the Quidco browser extension. Again, it means you’re more likely to remember to click through to claim your cashback.

It’s super simple to install the extension on a browser like Google Chrome, and you can just click on the extension button whenever you shop. It may even create a pop up for you on the webpage!

Like the app, the browser extension means that you’re already signed in and can get cashback instantly on your shopping.

Browse Daily Deals

Quidco offer Daily Deals on their site which means you can get increased cashback and deals with certain retailers. It’s a good idea to check their Daily Deals page regularly to maximise your cashback.

When browsing the Quidco daily deals page, you may come across retailers with increased cashback on offer. These will be tagged as ‘INCREASED’ as shown below.

From time to time, Quidco also run other bonus cashback deals for existing customers, but you’ll need to activate these. For example, “£2.50 back when you spend £10”. These offers are short lived, so keep an eye out for them. Check for bonus cashback deals before you shop to avoid missing out.

Stack cashback with sales and discount days like Black Friday

Stacking cashback alongside retailer sales and discounts is a great way to maximise your cashback and save more money when you spend.

This is particularly true when retailers offer discounts on Black Friday, and Boxing Day sales. Every little helps when it comes to cashback, and who doesn’t want to score a bargain during the sales?!

Getting cashback on your purchases throughout the year is a great way to save up a pot of cash to put towards events in the future (I treated myself and my husband to a special dinner last year!). It’s also the perfect way to save up for the cost of next Christmas, without even noticing.

Refer your friends

Once you’re a member of Quidco, you can refer your friends to the site to earn referral bonuses. When your friend signs up via your link and has earned £5 cashback, you will have a referral bonus automatically credited to your account.

The more friends you refer, the more referral bonuses you will rack up! When we talk about how to maximise cashback in the UK, this is a key way to do so. Sign up to Quidco here to receive your £10 bonus when you spend £5, and start referring your friends.

Cashback FAQs

What is the best cashback site?

With over 5,000 retailers listed on their site and a generous new member bonus of £10 (once you make a purchase of £5 or more), Quidco is up there as one of the best cashback sites in the UK.

Are cashback sites worth it?

Cashback sites are 100% worth it. It’s a great way to make extra money back when you spend, especially when it comes to events like Black Friday and shopping for Christmas gifts, insurance policies, and other high ticket items. It’s super easy to get cashback, and it all adds up over time.

You can learn how to maximise cashback in the UK throughout this post. It’s so worth it.

What is the website that gives you money back?

You might well be thinking of Quidco. Quidco gives you money back in the form of “cashback” when you click through to a retailer via Quidco and shop as normal. Once your purchase is complete, your account will be credited with your cashback.

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