Outplayed Pro: Matched Betting Review

Outplayed Pro is Outplayed’s premium membership, reserved for serious matched bettors who are looking to make in excess of £1,000 per month. 

The top-tier membership offers a new suite of tools, especially for those who are looking for new ways to keep making tax-free profits (without needing to rely on free bets!). You’ll also get diamond and platinum access with the Outplayed Pro membership. 

The Pro membership is a tier above anything else offered by Outplayed, with advanced tools specifically designed to boost profits, unlock bigger returns- and with less effort. The best part? These tools have been created so that you DON’T need to rely on free bets alone to make a profit.

At a glance here’s the features that are available to members at each membership level, as you can see, Outplayed Pro is most certainly the most advanced membership option, but it does come at a premium price.

Feature / Membership LevelOutplayed ProDiamondPlatinum
Access to Welcome OffersYesYesYes
Casino OffersYesYesYes
Daily Reload OffersYesYesYes
Bet ClubsYesYesYes
Extra Place OffersYesYesYes
2Up OffersYesYesYes
Advanced Matched Betting ToolsYesLimitedLimited
Extra Place MasterYesNoNo
2Up MasterYesNoNo
Price Boost ProYes (Upon Release)NoNo
Community and SupportEnhancedStandardStandard
PriceMonthly rolling contract of £150.00/month, or an annual rolling contract of £995.00/year (£82.92/month). VariesVaries
Designed ForIndividuals aiming for over £1,000/monthExperienced bettorsBeginners to intermediate

Outplayed Pro – the new tools

You may be unfamiliar with some of the tools listed in the table above, and that’s because they are brand new! They’re also exciting, because there’s currently nothing else like this on the market. 

Read on to see an outline of the new tools… 

Extra Place Master: This tool imitates the probability of a horse finishing in an extra place, offering a more accurate prediction and helping users identify the most profitable opportunities. 

2Up Master: One for the football betting offers, this tool calculates the expected value of 2up bets and identifies the most lucrative games to focus on. 

Price Boost Pro: displays all currently known price boosts in a simple table, allowing you to very quickly identify all profitable opportunities and get your bets placed in a matter of seconds. Price boosts tend to be very short term, so getting on them quickly is an essential part of making money from them.

Outplayed Pro Pricing 

Outplayed Pro is priced at a monthly rolling contract of £150.00/month, or an annual rolling contract of £995.00/year (£82.92/month). 

The price point is, of course, steep. But, for those serious matched bettors looking to maximise their returns, Outplayed Pro could be a justifiable choice due to the efficiency gains, time savings, and potential for increased profits.

The tools offered within the membership could make a huge difference to those looking to make regular gains, in excess of the regular free bet matched betting offers. Outplayed Pro is certainly for advanced users, so if you’re new to matched betting, consider signing up to the cheaper Platinum or Diamond memberships to get started. 

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