How to save money on food in London with tastecard

The quest to save money in London can sometimes seem never ending. But did you know that there are a few ways to save money on food in London when you eat out? You can still eat great food when you’re on a budget in London. And that’s the kind of thing that Thrifty Londoner is all about, afterall! One of our top tips is to use tastecard to make excellent savings whenever you eat out in the capital. This guide will outline all the tips and tricks so that you can make the most of your tastecard when you dine out in London. 

And not only that, but you could also make huge savings on coffee, drinks, and even fast food when you’re on the go. Let’s dive into it! 

What is tastecard? 

First and foremost, tastecard is a restaurant discount card. It offers you fantastic discounts (often 25% off, or 2 for 1) at both leading restaurant chains and independents. But that’s not all, tastecard also offers discounts on experiences (some attractions at 50% off!), cinema tickets and shopping. They even add new deals to the card every single day. 

How much does tastecard cost?

The best part is, tastecard often offer free trials (sometimes a 60 day trial!) so definitely keep an eye out for those deals. If you pay in full, it costs £3.99 per month, or you can opt for an annual membership at the cost of £29.99. 

It’s very reasonable considering the savings you could make! If you eat out once a month, or buy a coffee a couple of times a month, you’ll easily make back the cost of the membership each month. 

Save money on dining out in London

tastecard have some pretty impressive stats when it comes to dining out in London. In fact, by using tastecard you could save an average of £23 every time you dine out. Considering there are a huge number of restaurants listed in the tastecard directory, you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to saving money on food in London. 

Restaurants include Zizzi’s (2 for 1), Bella Italia (2 for 1), Island Poke (25% off total bill), Banana Tree (25% off total bill), Prezzo (2 for 1) and many more! 

Restaurant Deals in London are usually pretty elusive, so it really does pay to use tastecard if you’re trying to save money on food in the capital. 

Save money on takeaway food in London 

It’s not just restaurant dining that you can save money on, you can also make savings on takeaway food too. Good news for anyone who hates cooking on a Friday night (not just me, surely?!) 

Takeaway discounts include 25% off total bill at Burger King, and 25% off total bill at Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK). You can also receive discounts on takeaway pizza- Domino’s and Pizza Hut are listed in the tastecard directory. 

Based on research by tastecard, you could save an average of £24 per pizza delivery order. A HUGE saving that’s not to be sniffed at. Because who wants to give up pizza from their budget? 

Save money on coffee in London

London is certainly a city of coffee lovers. So it makes sense that tastecard caters to coffee purchases too. Again, there are some pretty amazing stats when it comes to coffee consumption- based on research by tastecard, you could save an average of £1.20 per coffee when you use tastecard.

How, you ask? You will receive 25% off barista made drinks at Caffe Nero, and 25% off at thousands of other independent coffee shops in London and throughout the UK. It’s a real no brainer if you need that morning coffee to function on the way to work! 

It’s clear that tastecard is a must-try when it comes to ways to save money on food in London. When you stack that with saving money on groceries, and using cashback apps for your shopping, you’re well on your way to reducing your food bill significantly without feeling like you’re missing out. 

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