Snoop App Review- The Easy Way To Save More Money


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There are so many money apps on the market, all with the aim of helping us to manage our money better. But which app should you choose? How many apps should you have? And which app is going to help you save the most money?

Snoop is a little different from other money apps- using smart technology to watch your spending and actually identify ways that you can save money. Sound interesting? Let’s delve in a little further.

Snoop App Review 2020

What Does The Snoop App Do?

Snoop is a free app which allows you to see all of your bank accounts and credit cards together in one app. It centralises your finances. For example, if you have your current account with NatWest, a credit card with Barclays, and use a Monzo account for your day-to-day-spending, Snoop will display all of these accounts on one dashboard.

It also looks at your bills- and makes sure that you’re not paying more than you should be. For example, if Snoop can see that your utility bill is coming in at over £40 each month- it will alert you that this bill is higher than it could be if you switched provider. AND it helps find you an alternative provider to switch to.

You will also get a feed of ‘Snoops’ within the app which are tailored specifically to you. These are unique money saving ideas based on your spending habits. For example, if Snoop notices that you’ve shopped at Tesco 10 times in the last month, it might suggest using the Tesco Pay+ app to save more money when you shop there in the future.

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Why Is It Called Snoop?

Snoop is the name of the little robot graphic that greets you when you open the app. Snoop promises to work 24/7 on your finances to find you better deals based on your spending habits. It will find money saving offers, voucher codes and freebies.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that the ‘Snoops’ that Snoop finds you are not all about getting you to spend more money- they’re about encouraging you to spend smart.

Snoop is memorable, friendly, and cute! A fun feature that we don’t always see in money apps.

How Does The Snoop App Work?

The app works by connecting your bank accounts together in one place. To do this, you need to link your bank accounts to the Snoop app using a concept called ‘open banking.’ This is the latest secure technology in banking and operates to the same high standards of security as your own bank.

This is completely safe and easy to set up, and Snoop reassures you that it will never ask you to share your log in or password information with anyone other than your bank.

Once your bank accounts are linked to the app, Snoop uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to monitor and track your spending to see where you can make improvements.

The app is data-driven, rather than being driven by corporate sponsorships. This means that the saving suggestions that Snoop makes to you are individual and unbiased.

How Is The Snoop App Different To Other Money Apps?

Unlike other money apps, Snoop is designed to help YOU. The app takes away the effort of finding deals, voucher codes and cheaper utility providers.

There is also a multi-tiered approach to improving money management with this app.

  • Displaying all accounts in one place- allowing users to see their finances in one snapshot.
  • Keeping an eye on spending and suggesting better ways of spending and saving.
  • Actively searching for better deals on bills, utilities and subscriptions.

Snoop allows you to manage your money better. There is no guessing how much is left to pay off on your credit card, or how much is in your saving account. The numbers are all there on one dashboard.

Its unique deal-hunting feature is perhaps how it is most different from other money apps. If you’ve been meaning to switch your energy provider for years but have never got round to it, Snoop will do all the hard work for you!

Snoop is perhaps the only money app out there which actively takes away the leg-work that is often required to save money on household bills and spending online.


How Can Snoop Help Me?

The Snoop app can help anyone who is looking to save money, take control of their finances, and improve the way they manage their money.

It’s a brilliant tool for anyone who wants to see all of their bank accounts in one place, and see the numbers in an instant. No need for hopping from one banking app to the next to find out how much money you actually have in total.

In essence, Snoop is the money app we’ve all been waiting for– the app that can actively help you save money, manage your money, and offer money-saving alternatives and ideas.

Is Snoop Safe To Use?

Yes, Snoop is safe. Snoop is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Snoop uses 256-bit encryption and never sees or stores your login details.

What else can Snoop do?

Snoop is always learning new things. New features include; daily balance alerts for the bank accounts that are connected with the app, an annual insurance checker to tell you the best time to renew, and a mobile monitor to check if you can make a saving on your mobile phone bill.

Hopefully this Snoop app review gives you a better idea of what this fantastic new app can do to help you with your finances. Sign up today and start saving more money with Snoop.

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