Outdoor Gyms in London- Work Out For Free!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that London has limited outdoor gym options- but the opposite is true. London has a large amount of green spaces compared to other capital cities- and a ton of them have outdoor gym equipment.

Using an outdoor gym is the perfect way to get a great workout- for free! Why pay for a costly gym membership when you could work out outdoors? A typical gym membership works out at around £120-£720 per year- so you could make a serious saving by swapping to a free outdoor gym (although check out this post about cheap gyms in London if you’d like that option too!)

Outdoor Gyms In London

Outdoor gyms mean that you can avoid the crowds in regular gyms, and exercise in a green environment, surrounded by nature. And if you’re a regular park runner- why not switch it up a bit and add an outdoor gym to your weekly repertoire?

You’ll rarely have to queue for gym equipment at an outdoor gym, unlike a regular indoor gym. Outdoor gyms in London are also hailed as being far more friendly and social than some indoor gyms (which can be intimidating).

Check out the map below to find an outdoor gym in London near you:

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What Equipment Do Outdoor Gyms Have?

The equipment in the outdoor gyms in London has usually been installed by The Great Outdoor Gym Company who have installed over 180 facilities in the capital.

Each outdoor gym is likely to have a selection of different work out equipment. Most outdoor gyms will have between 10-20 machines for you to use. Much like an indoor gym.

You’ll likely be familiar with the machines on offer, and many are based on standard indoor gym equipment. For example you might find a cross trainer, chest and leg press and seated rowers.

Remember that the machinery will be resistance based, so you will not be able to adjust the weight on the machine.

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Best Outdoor Gyms In London

Outdoor gyms in London were set up to help encourage healthier lifestyles in the community. Many outdoor gyms are located close by to playgrounds which means that you could get a workout for free whilst your kids are playing.

Other outdoor gyms might be placed in trail where you can jog or walk to each new exercise station in a circuit. This format is more popular in larger green spaces.

Wandsworth Common

Head to the green expanse of Wandsworth Common to find one of the best outdoor gyms in London. Here you can test your endurance around the circular trail, or use the pull up bars, parallel bars and monkey ladder to build your upper body strength.

There’s a playground nearby, so it’s a great opportunity to box off a workout whilst your kids are entertained.

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Finsbury Park

The outdoor gym in Finsbury Park is another great option- perhaps one of the best options in North London. The gym is set in the 115-acre public park, so it’s a great space to do a workout. There’s a good range of cardiovascular equipment here- why not make it part of your running circuit?

Holland Park

The outdoor gym in Holland Park is without a doubt one of the best options in West London. There are a large variety of machines on offer- all located in the stunning park.

You’ll also find cricket pitches, tennis courts and lots of walking trails here- a great park to visit for keeping fit outdoors in London.

Clapham Common

Here you’ll find a brilliant calisthenics park in the middle of 200 acre Clapham Common. Located in South West London, you can expect to find sit up benches, hurdles and pull up bars. Look out for the fluorescent green machines- they are hard to miss!

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Kennington Park

The outdoor gym in Kennington Park is set out like an obstacle course- which just makes it more fun! This is a popular outdoor gym, so expect to make a few friends here if you start to go regularly.

There is a ton of equipment here- tyre-traverse, wooden wall, suspended plank, ab benches, high bars for muscle ups, two sets of parallel bars and more! No wonder it’s so popular. Head to South West London to give this park a try.

Paddington Recreation Ground

Paddington Recreation Ground is a park located in Maida Vale, just north of Paddington. It is a 27-acre site, making it the largest area of parkland located entirely within the City of Westminster. This is a great one if you work in central London and want to head to an outdoor gym before or after work.

There’s lots of different machines here, and there’s also a brilliant playground for the kids too. You can find the park on Randolph Avenue in Maida Vale.

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AdiZone Outdoor Gym

AdiZone outdoor gyms were a pledge from the London 2012 Olympics to keep the legacy of the games alive in London.

These zones were designed and developed by Adidas, and the facilities available take inspiration from Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Head to Mabley Green in Hackney to use one of the best adiZone outdoor gyms in London. It’s in easy reach for locals, and set against the canal making it a lovely spot for an outdoor workout.

Roundwood Park

You’ll find the Roundwood Park outdoor gym in Willesden, where there is also a playground, a café and of course plenty of space for running or jogging.

You can also book a place on free exercise classes in Brent parks (including Roundwood Park.) Classes vary from yoga, to bootcamps, and running classes. Most of these free classes will use the outdoor gym area as a meeting point.

London outdoor gyms are a fantastic way to get some fresh air and a great workout without having to fork out for expensive memberships in sweaty, overcrowded indoor gyms. It’s a great way to add something new to your workout regime, and a cardiovascular session in the park could compliment a park run nicely.

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